Omni kit pro (indoor)

This two-way omni antenna is designed for indoor use and gives a 360 degree signal. The antenna is broadband and covers both 2G, 3G and 4G networks for GSM, DCS, UMTS and LTE.

It is a high-amplification antenna of 7-9 dBi, suitable for signal transmission over large surfaces. The inner antenna is waterproof and compatible with all Huaptec signal amplifiers.

The panel pro kit has a thicker cable 5D-FB and is suitable for indoor and outdoor with greater distances

115.00 Incl. BTW: 139.15



The Omni Kit is perfect if you want to provide coverage everywhere, because an omni antenna sends and receives a signal from a mobile phone with a radius of 360 degrees.

With this set you have all the components to extend the mobile phone signal amplifier with a panel antenna.

The set consists of:

1 Inside Omni antenna (indoor).
1 Coax cable 50ft 5D-FB cable, 10 meters from mobile phone amplifier to internal antenna.
2 N-Female connectors pre-mounted.

Indoor Omni Antenna.

Frequentiebereik 698-806/806-960/1710-2700MHz
Krijgen 2.2±0.5/3.5±0.5/4.5±1.0
Polarisatie Horizontaal
VSWR ≤1.5
PIM, 3e orde, 2 x 2 W ≤-140
Impedantie invoeren 50Ω
Maximale kracht 50W
Connectie type N-Female
Gewicht 0,3 kg
Dimensie Φ220*18mm
Verlichting bescherming DC Ground
Montagekit Wandmontage
Operationele temperatuur -55~60℃
Operationele vochtigheid < 95%

Kabel specificaties 5FB (300)

Algemene karakteristieken
Innerlijke dirigent BC
Dirigent Dia. 1.12 +/-0.02 mm
Min. Break Strength 453 N
Isolatie Foam P.E
Isolatie Dia. 2.95 +/-0.15 mm
Kleur White
Centricity ≥ 85%
adhesie 10 to 100N @ 25 mm
afscherming AL/P-Foil (Bonded)
Folie overlapt ≥ 120 %
Buitenste geleider TC Wire Braid
Coverage 90 +/-3%
Outer Dia. 4.95 +/-0.15mm

Mechanische eigenschappen

Min. Buigstraal:
Installatie 12.7 mm
Herhaald 50.8 mm
Max. Trekken 245
Verbrijzelingsweerstand van kabel (belasting van 700N) < 1 %
Nominale temperatuur
Opslag / bedrijfstemperatuur -40~+85℃
Installatie buitenshuis -40~+85℃

Elektrische kenmerken

Impedantie 50± 2 ohm
Capaciteit 78pF/m
Velocity ratio 84%
DCR: interne geleider < 17.6 ohm/km
DCR: buitenste geleider < 16.1 ohm/km
Jack Sparker 3000 V RMS
Diëlektrische sterkte 1000 V DC
Isolatieweerstand > 10,000МΩ·km
Piekvermogen 2.5 KW
Afschermingseffectiviteit >90 dB
VSWR 30-2500 MHz <1.20
Verzwakking (bij 20 ℃) dB/100m
30MHz 5.80
50 MHz 7.50
150 MHz 13.10
220 MHz 15.90
450 MHz 22.80
900 MHz 32.60
1500 MHz 42.40
1800 MHz 46.60
2000 MHz 49.30
2500 MHz 55.40
5800 MHz 86.50
De maximale verzwakking is 10% hoger.


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