3-band 2G + 3G Gsm amplifiers
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Three-band Gsm amplifiers work perfectly in places where 4G cannot be received, but where voice and 3G data connections are required. Outlying areas or European locations in particular often do not yet have 4G or the 4G transmission mast is simply too far away.

Our three-band mobile signal amplifiers improve the indoor signal for all providers up to and including 3G. So if a 4G signal can be received, it will not improve.

The signal range per amplifier is displayed under the Gsm amplifiers along with the lowest price to the highest price excluding VAT due to the configuration options.

For example, with some models below you can choose a standard with internal indoor antenna (75m² range). Or a set with one or more indoor antennas and cabling. The type of antenna must also be chosen. For example, you have a Omni antenna Which 12 meters transmit 360 degrees or a Panel antenna which transmits 16 meters 90 degrees.

All amplifiers are supplied as KIT with antennas and cables. But delivery separately is possible! You can then choose your antennas and cables yourself.

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