Return form

Gsm amplifiers, like any online store, have a 14 day trial choice, however, because we realize that installation companies often need a little more time, we have a 30 day return policy in place.

However, there are strict conditions attached to this which have also been agreed with the distributor.

Return may be made under the following conditions:

  • The packaging is undamaged (you can just remove the signal amplifier from the box without tearing the box apart)
  • There are no mounting scratches or other damage on the delivered items (signal amplifier, antennas, cables. splitters etc)
  • Only return it in the original packaging without damaging it (i.e. with a box around it).
  • Loose parts that are delivered in the Box of the Hiboost must also be in the box.
  • The equipment supplied will be tested for operation for refund, unless this defect is the reason for the return.
  • The return is sent via traceable courier with an RMA code (you carry all shipping and packaging costs!)
  • You take a number of pictures of the signal amplifier and accessories before sending the package back and email these photos to
  • You first notify the signal amplifier to be sent back via our return form. or via email:

The ordered product does not satisfy!

If the product does not meet the customer’s requirements due to an incorrect choice of specifications, the customer has the right to replace the product with a similar signal amplifier with the correct specifications. However, the customer will assume the costs of shipping, returning and shipping the correct signal amplifier. If the price of the other model signal amplifier is higher, the customer must meet the price difference in advance.

Where to send the signal amplifier:

Huaptec Technical Service
Ahornstrasse 17.91166,
Georgensgmünd, Germany

c/o MBA Energy, Thomas Gogl, Huaptec Telecom HmbH.